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Collage Artworks & Vintage Illustrations by Laurindo Feliciano

Laurindo Feliciano is an award-winning Brazilian artist, illustrator and art director based in France since 2003.

“My work as an artist and commercial illustrator is determined by the interpretation of memories through the use of collage techniques, digital and handmade and accumulation. More than mere transcriptional aesthetics, the focus of my work is to capture and to translate the maze of collective memories of other individuals, as well, as my own, that have faded or become vague, acquiring new value, as they age.

I believe when we define the intentions behind an artwork we end up guiding the personal interpretations of the observer, so, I prefer to work with enigmas and let the observer fill in the blanks.”

— Laurindo Feliciano

More collages Visit his website

Art Graphic Design Illustration Print Design Posted on March 4, 2019
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