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Boundless Stationery by Ricky Richards

London-based designer Ricky Richards was given a challenge to “create the best agency business cards you’ve ever seen, and make sure they’re boundless”.

“The gauntlet laid down, I went about researching traditional business cards, and attempting to defy convention. What instantly stood out was their formulaic approach – traditional typography with rigid grids and minimal information. Business cards and letterheads are made to build connections, but most of them don’t. People say they’re defunct, but I wanted to prove that, done the right way, they’re still a great way to make a connection.

Step one was to handcraft every card in a way that represented each individual personality. Making them remarkable, and precious to everyone.

Step two was to convey, along with all the usual details, a personal story. A touch that would leave future clients feeling confident that, not only do we pay attention to details, we’re real humans, and we want a lasting relationship. Long copy business cards? You could call it crazy, but we call it boundless.”

— Ricky Richards

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Branding Graphic Design Print Design Typography Posted on October 2, 2017
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