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Barber’s Hop Beer Packaging Design by Double D Creative

UK-based studio Double D Creative created this cool packaging design and concept for their own limited run of craft pale ales.

“The idea came about after chatting with client and friend Brent Nile from Burdett’s Barber & Shop in Northwich (who we created a logo and branding for) who was looking to produce his own brand beer. We were keen to get involved so together we came up with Barber’s Hop.

We sourced a local brewery who produced small batch, gluten-free beers and set about branding up a great tasting ultra pale ale and a devilishly good red ale just in time for winter. The resulting packaging is simple, eye-catching, has reference to Brent’s shop and is adaptable to different flavours and colours. To date, we’re on our second run of beers with the first run selling out in just 4 weeks!”

More packaging design via Behance

Branding Graphic Design Logo Design Packaging Design Posted on September 3, 2019
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