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Anima: Interactive Art Installation by Onformative

“Anima” is a sculptural installation created by Berlin-based studio Onformative to explore the relationship between itself and its surroundings through the use of movement, texture, light and sound.

“The installation consists of a giant glowing sphere measuring two meters in diameter. This larger-than-life entity is suspended from the ceiling, as if in mid-air, in a darkened room. The luminescent sculpture acts as the sole light source for the space, drawing viewers in as it reacts to their presence. Visuals of a viscous metallic fluid envelop the globe’s surface creating an intriguing and mysterious ambiance as textures distort and flow around the shape. The reaction of the programmed light formations is a remediation of the surroundings, feasting on its environment to create an immersive and interactive experience of light and sound.”

More art on the grid via Behance

Art Video & Motion Posted on May 10, 2016
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