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10,000 Digital Paintings by Field

Independent paper manufacturer GF Smith invited London-based studio FIELD to create inspiring artworks representing the unlimited possibilities of digital print and generative design, to be featured on the cover of their legendary brochures.

Using a process pairing generative coding with creative intuition the studio created 10,000 unique cover artworks, each one featuring a different view on a hypercomplex sculpture.

More details from their website:

“The energy of a dynamic process – caught in a timeless medium.

Every image explores a different close-up view on the sculpture, while its entirety remains hidden in a vast virtual space: its actual shape, touch and materiality is left to the viewer’s imagination.

On the edge of abstraction, the illustrations find a sensual harmony of energy, colour and shape.

Hand-drawn curves form the basic structure and composition of the object, encompassed by a convex hull and embossed into highly detailed surfaces through an extrusion process.”

Watch the video below for more.

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Art Graphic Design Print Design Video & Motion Posted on April 4, 2013
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