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Windows of the World by André Vicente Gonçalves

Inspired by diverse creativity of architects throughout history, Portuguese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves decided to explore a series where he captures the element he considers “the source of a building’s personality” — its windows.

The “Windows of the World” collection features windows from all over Europe, including cities in Portugal, Italy, Austria, Romania, Spain, England and France.

“During his study, Gonçalves discovered that not only do buildings themselves have a distinctive identity, but cities, too, have their own design aesthetic. As in individual buildings, that distinction shows its face best through the city’s various windows. As a result, Gonçalves chose to showcase his collection city by city, highlighting the subtle differences that separate one city’s windows from another’s.”

André is currently crowdfunding the production of a book compiling the full collection. You can order it here.

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Architecture Photography Posted on November 7, 2017
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