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The Medieval Bible: Rewritten & Redesigned by Gustavo Piqueira

Gustavo Piqueira is an award-winning graphic designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. He is also the founder and director of Casa Rex, an international design consultancy based in the city.

In his latest book entitled “Mateus, Marcos, Lucas e João“, Gustavo Piqueira combines fiction, history and design, bringing illuminated medieval bibles into the 21st century.

“‘Mateus, Marcos, Lucas e João’ presents four different versions of the trajectory of ‘the one who has come to save us’, and each one is written by one of the characters in its title. But no, this saviour is not Jesus Christ, but instead it is a cellulite cream. And, of course, the four evangelists are also not the same as their namesakes.”

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Graphic Design Illustration Print Design Typography Posted on October 31, 2014
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