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The Ladder Project: Inception-Style Photos by Lestnica

Russian studio Lestnica produced these incredible warped images inspired by the Inception movie.

“The ‘Ladder’ project has developed its own multi-level shooting technology, which previously did not exist en masse in the world. This technology allows you to bend the landscape in the opposite direction, which allows you to see the city from several angles.

To arrive at this result, we needed to carefully study the laws of perspective and draw a scan of a future photograph. When the understanding of shooting technology appeared on the horizon, there were only 100 photo sessions ahead and 1000 photos in the basket until the final result.

The shooting takes place in a semi-automatic mode based on its own software algorithm. Work on one picture takes about 12 hours. The resulting frames look large-scale and majestic. It creates a feeling of the abyss between the forces of nature and man.”

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Photography Posted on August 5, 2019
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