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The Flatiron Building by Eastern Design Office

Unusual acute-angled triangular building designed by Eastern design office, a collaborative architectural and design firm based in Kyoto, Japan.

“The once abandoned wedge-shaped flatiron lot positioned at a corner where two streets meet at an acute angle was left behind; no one wanted to buy it for several years because of the difficulty to construct a residential or industrial development. On the other hand, nor would the public sector invest in it to change it into a park; the lot remained bereft of life for a long time.

Anna Nakamura and Taiyo Jinno of Eastern Design Office were assigned by TOYO-KAIHATSU Co., Ltd. the design of this tenanted apartment house. In floor plan the building takes the shape of the acute triangular plot resembling a piece of cake or even New York’s Flatiron Building (aka Fuller Building). The triangular residential complex is restricted by zoning laws to 13 meters in height with the base line 23 meters x height 12 meters x oblique line 26 meters, yielding four floors.”

via Yatzer Eastern Design Office

Architecture Posted on November 6, 2011
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