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Stockholm Metro — 100 Stations: Photographic Book by Studio Reko

Swedish creative practive Studio Reko recently completed their book project entitled ‘Stockholm Metro — 100 Stations’, documenting the beauty of all metro stations in Stockholm.

“The Stockholm Metro system consists of 100 stations (in use). It has long been known to the city’s citizens and visiting tourists that the system has many beautiful stations and surroundings, much thanks to the generous space dedicated to artistic expressions in and around the stations and the free guided art tours arranged every week. But in a city where we rarely find reasons to visit stations other than those we for various reasons have to, many fantastic places remain unseen.

What began as a documentation of all the stations over time became an exploration of the parts of the city we had never visited before and an attempt to capture the places that are familiar with new eyes.

The ‘Stockholm Metro – 100 Stations’ book offers a unique opportunity to explore and discover every single station through 110+ photos. In addition to the book we’ve designed a typeface inspired by the digital signs in and around the Metro.”

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Graphic Design Photography Print Design Posted on August 27, 2019
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