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Realistic Graphite Artworks by Kristy Griggs

Kristy Griggs is an emerging portraiture artist currently residing in Sydney, Australia.

The artist explains her craft:

“I see my work as being a marriage between microcosm and macrocosm. It arrests human spontaneity and freezes it in an exquisite state of eternity. I have always been attracted to detail – honing in to find the most sublime nuances that define the human face. This compulsion has been with me since birth and I’m starting to realise its connection with the bushland where I grew up.

“Now living in the city, I miss the immense detail and pristine clarity that the bush owns in its silent and unaffected way. I also miss the quiet isolation, which I always try to recreate in my mind when sitting down to draw each day. Nature affects me by inspiring me to draw. It also rejuvenates me when I’ve drawn too much!”

via Australian Infront Kristy Griggs’ website

Art Illustration Posted on June 24, 2012
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