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Neenah Paper Rebrand & Campaign by Design Army

World’s premier paper brand Neenah commissioned Washington-based firm Design Army to work on their biggest rebrand ever, recreating their entire Classic paper line “from color to texture — trendsetting the future of packaging/print design from high-tech to fashion to your next exquisitely wrapped holiday gift”.

“In the 12-month-long revamp, Design Army studied every aspect of paper; sought inspiration from the Renaissance to Paris runways to Beijing temples; and spent months mixing paints and oils to ground-up invent a new palette of timeless hues, before teaming with scientists to perfect the chemistry. In the ultimate designer geek-out, Design Army gives a peek inside the art+science making of the paper (video at the bottom of the post).

From designing the paper to creating the campaign’s wildly inventive surrealist graphics (i.e. Life-sized color wheels and envelopes turned haute couture) — Design Army proves paper is anything but dead.”

More graphic design Visit their website

Branding Graphic Design Print Design Typography Video & Motion Posted on March 30, 2017
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