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Moment: Photography Series by Wolfgang Hildebrand

“Moment” is an amazing series of superimposed urban captures by German photographer Wolfgang Hildebrand.

“Always fascinated by the temper, hustle and constant transformation of urban landscapes I created a series of large format works as a surreal new portrait of our world. By merging numerous photographs – taken at different times during day and night – into one single new image I transfer ordinary places to somewhere between fiction and reality.

In fact, it is what our brains are permanently doing to us. Our eyes can only perceive a fraction of the environment accurately – the rest is build up by our brain from memories and experiences. Even though this new unique moment never actually happened it looks somehow familiar to the viewer. Only at second glance we loose orientation and realize the complex new reality shown – not only questioning our common photographic perception but also our understanding of time itself.”

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Photography Posted on July 31, 2015
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