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Mena Collection: Gorgeous Sofa & Armchair by FrancoCrea

The striking Mena collection by Australian designer FrancoCrea finds the perfect balance between elegance, comfort and support for all environments.

The sofa and armchair both have a lean profile which gives the pieces a light aesthetic, perfect for smaller spaces. At the same time, their visual complexity also suits more open spaces. It’s a fine balance which makes the collection quite versatile, able to suit multiple environments.

“New technology has merged with hand craftsmanship to execute the new Mena range; as such, you won’t find any visible fasteners on our Mena sofa. To provide some visual mystery and interest, we’ve fixed the timber arms to the upholstered body with powerful, hidden magnetic fasteners.”

The pieces can also be extended to seamlessly integrate a removable, metal ledge.

“Using no fasteners, it just sits perfectly within the timber frame without overpowering the entire piece — is optioned to be added to the armchair, and can be added to the left or the right side of the timber arms. The Ledge comes in polished stainless steel, a matte bead-blasted finish, a flat suede coating, or in solid satin brass.”

You can view Franco’s full design collection here.

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Industrial Design Interior Design Product Design Posted on March 27, 2018
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