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Macro Photos of Butterfly Wings by Chris Perani

In this series of macro photographs, Chris Perani captures and highlights the striking microscopic details seen in butterfly wings. His work is reminiscent of Linden Gledhill’s gorgeous macro shots.

Perani recently talked to My Modern Met, explaining his intricate process in detail:

“To achieve his images, Perani uses a 10x microscope objective attached to a 200mm lens, which creates an almost nonexistent depth of field. ‘The lens must be moved no more than 3 microns per photo to achieve focus across the thickness of the subject which can be up to 8 millimeters,’ Perani tells My Modern Met. ‘This yields 350 exposures, each with a sliver in focus, that must be composited together.’ This process is repeated 6 times for various parts of the butterfly wing, resulting in 2,100 separate exposures that are then combined into a single image.”

More macro photography via My Modern Met

Art Photography Posted on November 2, 2018
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