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Light Studies: Experimental Photos by Kim Pimmel

San Francisco-based UI designer and photographer Kim Pimmel explores the beauty of light in this fantastic photo series entitled “Light Studies”.

“Although the photos appear digitally rendered they actually merge simple things like ping pong balls, old turntables, and simple pendulums with LEDs, Arduino microcomputers, servos and other lighting mechanisms such as iPhone screens to make the photos you see here.”

“I’ve always been fascinated by lights in the darkness, the ephemeral glow that hovers in your retina after a light has passed, the traces of residual motion, captured one by one by the camera. This series of photographs explores the beauty of light by recording the path of handheld and computer controlled lights during long exposures.”

– Kim Pimmel

via Colossal Kim Pimmel’s website

Art Photography Posted on November 20, 2012
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