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“Leviathan” by Anish Kapoor

Each year the French Ministry of Culture and Communication invites an artist to create a new artwork for the “Monumenta” Exhibition. The exhibition takes place in the monumental architectural space of the Grand Palais in Paris.

This massive, awe-inspiring PVC structure is the creation of Indian-born, British-based artist Anish Kapoor.

“The sculpture is a total immersion in an unexplored physical and mental dimension. Once you are inside, in the giant 4-armed balloon, the involuted form reminds you of an organic outer space and inner self at the same time — but when you travel outside of it (once you are back in the space of the Grand Palais), I hope the viewer has another encounter with the piece and with the luminosity thrown down by the glass roof.”

– Anish Kapoor

via Visual Anish Kapoor’s website

Art Posted on October 21, 2011
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