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Izze Fusions: Branding & Art Direction by Jessica Walsh

IG favorite Jessica Walsh produced this vibrant identity and campaign for Izze Fusions, a healthy sparkling beverage targeting the Gen-Z audience.

“Izze came to us looking for a visual language, brand identity and campaign. We honed in on the fact that the beverage is not just in one category. It’s a sort-of-juice, sort-of-soda & a sort-of-sparkling water. Each drink contains a fusion of different fruit flavors.

Like Izze, Gen-Z does not like to be defined by one label or stereotype, often having multiple interests and ambitions. We visualized this concept with fluid gradients that always shift and change through dynamic animation. We also used these fluid
multi-color gradients as the lighting technique for all the photoshoots.

The campaign images celebrate diversity and fluidity by showcasing people who are confident with their unique flair. We visualized the idea of different fruits fusing together through funky makeup & wardrobe styling.”

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Branding Graphic Design Packaging Design Photography Print Design Posted on August 15, 2019
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