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Incredibly Realistic Car Paintings by Don Eddy

Don Eddy is an American hyper-realist artist working primarily in acrylic on canvas.

“Eddy utilizes a unique system he has developed over the years, underpainting in three colors. The first layer is a pthalocyanine green in a series of tiny circles about 1/16th of an inch in diameter. Eddy meticulously paints each of the eight panels first in tiny green circles, a meditative process of setting the values for the painting. This layer is followed by brown, then purple to separate the warm from the cool colors.

He may then add between 20 to 30 layers of transparent color to achieve the radiant final palette of each painting. Eddy does not project a slide when creating his works; he draws a map onto the canvas that only he can read, and then begins to create a universe for the public to contemplate in its richness, quietness and depth.”

More realistic artworks via NHG

Art Posted on September 29, 2016
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