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Incredible Staple Art by Baptiste Debombourg

French artist Baptiste Debombourg draws inspiration from the Italian Mannerism and the German Renaissance to create these awe-inspiring staple artworks.

“What I find most interesting in Mannerist engraving, is the representation developed around mythological and religious themes and their potential echoes in today’s super-heroes, bodybuilders… and the violence of ‘Male-Power cult’.

I then use some images by ‘worsening’ the scale, the form or the context to produce an installation in the architecture by means of staples. The recurring theme in these paintings revolves around the collapse that resonates with staples. Here the staple is a material and a media that plays with contemporary aggression and daily life’s secular usefulness.”

– Baptiste Debombourg

via Fubiz Baptiste Debombourg

Art Posted on September 18, 2012
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