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Immerse: Watercolor Portraits by Ali Cavanaugh

Gorgeous watercolor paintings by American artist Ali Cavanaugh.

“Immerse is an abandonment of the artist’s hyper-representational aesthetic and, rather, embraces the fluidity and ungoverned nature of watercolor. In past paintings, her subjects were most often teenage women, emulating introverted emotion. Her young daughter now acts as her muse, embodying openness, honesty and forgiveness – traits that can likewise be used to characterize the temperament of the works. These significant changes inspired an unfamiliar scale — previous work was small and intimate. Immerse is comprised of large-scale work that envelops that viewer completely. The creation of this collection, aptly named, both required that the artist immerse herself in unexplored process and subject, and in turn holds the audience captive with its imagery.”

— Gold Gallery

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Art Posted on September 17, 2015
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