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Hidden Stories: Amazing Illustrations by Sam Falconer

Loving the unique style on these clever illustrations by UK-based artist Sam Falconer.

“Sam Falconer’s illustrations are bold and vibrant, filled with intricate environments within environments and hidden stories. A Sam Falconer illustration is easy to get lost in, always eye catching and increasingly popular with science, educational and editorial clients. With keen interest in science and technology Falconer is always trying to get his head around mind boggling concepts and is particularly interested in evolution and concepts of time.

Initially working purely by hand, Sam discovered a passion for digital collage in 2010 which later developed into his own unique brand of rich and detailed imagery. The combination of digital work, collage and hand drawn elements allows Falconer to output complex pieces with diverse character sets while still keeping to the fast track timelines of commercial clients.As an important side note one of his life goals is to rescue a dog, so you know your commission dollars are going towards the greater good.”

More illustrations via Makers Mgmt

Art Illustration Posted on May 4, 2017
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