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Fantastic Layered Paper Artworks by Daniel A du Preez

South Africa-based artist Daniel A du Preez creates 3-dimensional visual patterns using layers of intricately cut paper.

“I am a paper artist that likes to experiment with all types of paper and crate unusual items that are mesmerising to look at and captures the imagination.

My inspiration comes from life, love, nature, politics, news, and everything that surrounds me in life. I am living and working in beautiful South Africa. I am a quiet person living with ADD and that enjoys the company of myself.

My work expresses things that are very obvious and recognizable to everyone but with a twist. The photographs in some of my work may not be pretty or even correct but the point of my work is to get a message across that is strong and undeniable sometimes. I use a combination of paper cutting and photography to create some of my artwork.”

— Daniel A du Preez

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Art Posted on February 5, 2019
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