These are 2019’s most amazing microscopic photos

Published Oct 25, 2019

Nikon’s annual Small World photo competition highlights the beautiful elements of nature that can only be seen through the lens of a microscope.

Cover: Octopus embryo by Martyna Lukoseviciute and Dr. Carrie Albertin

1st Place – Fluorescent turtle embryo by Teresa Zgoda and Teresa Kugler

The first prize went to this image of a turtle embryo, shot by microscopy technician Teresa Zgoda and recent university graduate Teresa Kugler, using a combination of fluorescence and stereomicroscopy. The striking capture beautifully combines their passion for art and science.

“Microscopy lets us get a better look at the small things in life. It allows me to do science with a purpose.”

Teresa Kugler
Depth-color coded projections of three stentors (single-cell freshwater protozoans) by Dr. Igor Siwanowicz

“We are inspired by the beautiful images we see through the microscope. It’s amazing to be able to share that science with other people.”

Teresa Zgoda
Chinese Red Carnation Stem by Dr. Guillermo López
Male mosquito by Jan Rosenboom
Tulip bud cross section by Andrei Savitsky
Vitamin C by Karl Deckart
Small white hair spider by Javier Rupérez
Snowflake by Caleb Foster
Pregnant Daphnia magna (small planktonic crustacean) by Marek Miś
Cristobalite crystal suspended in its quartz mineral host by E. Billie Hughes
Housefly compound eye pattern by Dr. Razvan Cornel Constantin
Alcides orontes (moth) wing by Ji Yuan
Fossil ammonites by Dr. Balint Markus
Female Oxyopes dumonti (lynx) spider by Antoine Franck
Penicillium mold spores by Dr. Tagide deCarvalho
Molten caffeine by Thomas Borowitz
Stomoxys calcitrans (stable fly) by Özgür Kerem Bulur
Crystallized amino acids L-glutamine and beta-alanine by Justin Zoll
Phantom midge larva by Christopher Algar
Embryo of Onthophagus taurus (bull-headed dung beetle) by Dr. Eduardo Zattara

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