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Dim the Lights: LMN Rebrand by Adolescent

LMN, the movie-centric channel of the Lifetime family, invited NYC studio Adolescent to revamp the channel’s identity, reflecting the sophistication of its growing audience.

“Our focus in updating the identity was to create a unique, compelling look for LMN that lived up to its tagline ‘Can’t Look Away.’ The identity needed to feel true to brand’s evolving direction, be easy to use both in-house and out, and be adaptable across all media, simply and efficiently. LMN’s new look needed to say, confidently and clearly, that LMN is more than a guilty pleasure.

Our solution was inspired by the moment when the lights go down in a movie theater – the moment that draws you in with the promise of riveting drama, intense emotion, and passion rarely experienced in everyday life. We brought that moment to life with gradients that dim from light to dark, suggesting the dimming of house lights.”

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Branding Graphic Design Typography Video & Motion Posted on November 2, 2016
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