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Cluster F***: Artwork Series by P.Williams

Cluster F*** is a great series by California-based artist P.Williams. The pieces, including a paper plane installation, are currently on display at Room 104 Gallery in Seattle.

“Everyone of my art pieces begins like a punch line, they start as a conversation in the back of my mind: ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if…’ I endure the physically and emotionally daunting task of creating my work because I pursue creating works that I personally, as a believer in art, want to see and experience. I toil to create exciting, engaging, and entertaining experiences and environments with my artwork. I strive to make pieces that playfully engage the viewer with scale, juxtaposition and distortions of the familiar. In mixed materials, environmentally friendly, reused and recycled ingredients, I labor for that moment with my audience where the spark of what they know meets the fuel of something they haven’t considered yet.”

– P.Williams

P.Williams’ website Room 104 Gallery

Art Illustration Video & Motion Posted on January 18, 2013
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