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Classic: Braun-inspired Typeface by Gao Yang

Beijing-based artist Gao Yang created this incredible typeface inspired by Braun’s iconic product design language.

“Braun’s products have arguably inspired generation after generation of product designers and the 10 Principles of Good Design associated with their products has almost achieved Hippocratic-oath-status with a large number of product designers.

Designer Gao Yang decided to pay homage to Braun’s legacy in the form of type! Taking real products from Braun’s vast catalog, Gao made small alterations to them (you can see which products he took by zooming into the close-up renders), maintaining their Braun-ness but turning products into characters… which works pretty well because Braun’s products do have character.

Honest, effective, functional, timeless, no-nonsense products and design details get turned into beautiful letters, and the resulting typeface is nothing less than an amazing map of Braun’s journey over the years as almost a design movement in their own right!”

More typography inspiration via Yanko Design

Illustration Industrial Design Product Design Typography Posted on May 22, 2018
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