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Brilliant Book Covers by Jason Booher

Jason Booher is a talented book cover designer currently working for Alfred A. Knopf.

“Formal innovation, not clever concept, generally makes a great book cover great. That’s not to say one stands without the other. But a great concept with a merely decent or expected execution, results in something that feels like everything else. So simply I try to make things that don’t look like anything else I have seen lately (in twenty years) on a book cover. I would expect most book cover designers are pushed to this point because we make so many cover designs every year. That’s why developing something that feels special or different from the book you have to work with comes down more often to the formal execution.”

– Jason Booher

via The Book Cover Archive via Quick Design Question Jason Booher’s website

Graphic Design Illustration Print Design Typography Posted on November 23, 2012
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