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Art Toys by Emilio Subirá

Unusual toy designs by Spanish artist Emilio Subirá.

“Art is that thing which talks in circles to speak of existence. The expression of the inexplicable, precarious at best, steps in (or should) when words fall short, activating a language that speaks of intuition, appealing to the depths of the psyche, to our collective consciousness. In this mode, my work intends to serve as a psychological analysis from the particular to the general and vice versa, based on my perception as a filter that distills reality and its characteristic ambiguity. In this way my work aims to represent the multiple paradoxes of existence by means of visual metaphors: metaphor, the language of our intuition. It is the subconscious which must receive this message.”

— Emilio Subirá

More toy art Visit his website

Art Product Design Posted on September 18, 2017
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