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Alps // 40 Identity by Berger & Föhr

Alps // 40 is a photo exhibition set high in the Swiss Alps, shot and produced by photographer Jamie Kripke.

This beautifully minimalist identity for the exhibition was created by Berger & Föhr, a two-man graphic design studio based in Boulder, Colorado.

“Jamie’s journey to the Alps centered on slowing down and taking the time to really see. 120 images were created over 8 days, 14 were carefully selected for the exhibition. Only one exposure per image was allowed.

Using alpine touring skis, a small backpack, a folding medium format camera and twelve rolls of black-and-white film with ten exposures per roll, I set out to traverse and photograph a high route across the Alps. Each piece of equipment for this trip was chosen for its simplicity as well as its limitations — and for the extra time, attention, and patience it required.”

Berger & Föhr’s website

Branding Graphic Design Print Design Posted on April 15, 2013
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