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10: The Book That Grew by Rothco

Dublin-based studio Rothco created this fantastic concept for a “book that grows”, showing how to create a sustainable future.

Agriculture is an important pillar of Ireland’s economy and there’s a need for farming to become more sustainable. The project was conceptualized around this idea.

“This book contained 10 tangible lessons and 10 pieces of practical advice designed to help maximise sustainability and increase profitability. These 10 steps enable farmers to achieve a ‘perfect’ 10 rotations of grass grazing per year, and produce 10 tonnes of grass per hectare – a truly powerful number that will massively improve the sustainability of even the most efficient farm.

In this instance, the medium truly was the message: our book was grown from the very grass that Irish farmers nurture, with each page, each word, and each diagram shaped by real grass roots as they grew.

This is a world’s first, completely rewriting the rules for how books are produced. Not only does this book lay out a practical plan of action, it symbolises in an attention-grabbing way the power of our natural resources. When grass is managed correctly, it can work wonders.”

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Graphic Design Print Design Video & Motion Posted on June 27, 2019
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