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Yung Chalé ft. Youandi – WY: Music Video by Quentin Deronzier

Amsterdam-based agency Goldsmith have just launched their first EP entitled “Wax Casting”, featuring various artists.

They’ve commissioned talented French visual artist Quentin Deronzier (previously featured here) to create this fantastic video for the first single “WY” by Yung Chalé ft. Youandi.

“Wax Casting is a Goldsmith’s method with which they create highly detailed and excellent jewelry. This strong focus on quality and detail is also found in the DNA of Goldsmith’s DJ crew consisting of Yung Chalé, Foreign, Mr. Woodcole, Antos and Mr. Nice Guy. For the first time, they all gathered in the Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam to produce music together. The crew spent one two weeks in the studio which resulted in the EP 주조 (Wax Casting) coming to life.”

More motion design via Goldsmith

Illustration Video & Motion Posted on March 22, 2018
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