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Tecnicontrol: Art Installation & Motion Graphics by GMUNK

Mesmerizing LED screen art installation and motion design by Bradley G Munkowitz, aka GMUNK.

“With the robotic projection-mapping project BOX, which was completed in late 2013, Munkowitz played a vital role in imagining how robotics and screen content could be married together in a choreographed piece of art. Countless techniques were learned, and it’s common that when a project finishes a whole grip of new ideas present themselves.

One of those concepts was the exploration of robots wielding large LED Screens instead of projection-mapped canvases. This choreography would be shot with a motion controlled camera to enhance the perspective illusions. Add to that a concept of a ‘Dream Zone’ – essentially an infinite runway of screens and lighting instruments representing the panacea of what lies beyond. Finally setting the entire exercise in a richly crafted living room set and telling the story of a Television abduction, and you have a concept film that satisfies all these curiosities.”

More motion design via Behance

Art Technology Video & Motion Posted on July 4, 2018
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