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Vibrant Illustrated Stories by Alice Des

Alice Des is a French artist known for her ability to depict strong characters in gorgeous narrative compositions.

3D Lettering & Typography by Made Up

Made Up is a London-based studio founded by designer Charles Williams, specialized in turning words and letters into dynamic works of art.

A Collective Glow: Dreamlike Paintings by Gigi Chen

“A Collective Glow” is an enchanting series of paintings featured in a new solo exhibition by New York-based artist Gigi Chen.

Iwagumi Air Scape: A Mesmerizing Interactive Installation at Marina Bay

“Iwagumi Air Scape” is an extraordinary 4900-square meter art installation in Singapore that brings the serenity of nature to the busy environment of a metropolis.

Kaleidoscopic Petals: Gorgeous Floral Photography by Shelby Hanlon

In the captivating “Kaleidoscopic Petals” series, photographer and creative director Shelby Hanlon skillfully blends classic floral imagery with digital techniques to create a truly ethereal visual experience.

Double Hexposure: Abstract Paintings by Wolf Blazar

Wolf Blazar is a self-taught contemporary digital artist who has developed a unique and mesmerizing style of portraiture he calls “Double Hexposure.”

Imaginative Public Art by Paul Cocksedge

Fantastic Digital Collages by Oscar Duarte

Stunning 3D Art by Mo oo

Amazing Pop Culture Creations by Van Orton Design

Safe From Harm: Photo Series by Neal Grundy

Caótico Tequila Packaging Design by HI! Estudio

Brutalist Living: Architectural Concepts by Adam Spychała

GAC ERA Concept Car: CGI Renders by GF X

Beautiful Lettering Murals by Emmy Star Brown

Fun 3D Illustrations by Michael Santin

Mikino: A Geometric Tribute by Carolina Melis

Slanted Magazine #43: Ukraine

Mesmerizing Tulle Sculptures by Benjamin Shine

Gorgeous Glass Pieces by Charlie Macpherson

Dynamic NBA Collages by Arham Haq

Powerful Abstract Pop Art Paintings by Gabriele Serrini

Attix Brand Identity by Interbrand

Between Blocks: Geometric Artworks by Santiago Oddis

Enigmatic Illustrations by JiHun Lee

Out of This World: Photos by Ben Simon Rehn

Nature-Inspired Murals by Thomas Turner

Fragmented Creatures: Illustrations by Andreas Preis

Transfiguration: Striking Digital Illustrations by Billelis

On Hamburg’s Sunny Side: Photos by Alexander Schoenberg

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