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Metallic Sculptures by Kang Dong Hyun

Prolific artist Kang Dong Hyun creates awe-inspiring figurative sculptures made out of metallic branches.

Surreal Paintings by Annette von der Bey

Intriguing creations by German artist Annette von der Bey.

Illustrated Type by Romain Braccini

Motion designer and illustrator Romain Braccini created this cool set of illustrated letters for the ongoing 36 Days of Type project.

Soma Brewing Branding & Packaging by Quim Marin

Barcelona-based art director and designer Quim Marin produced this bold typographic identity and packaging for local craft brewery Soma.

Merchiston Crescent: Interior Design by Sam Buckley

Merchiston Crescent is a residential project created by interior designer Sam Buckley for a computer game designer in Edinburgh.

Japan-inspired Illustrations by Nicolas Castell

Argentinian illustrator and comic book author Nicolas Castell draws inspiration from Japanese culture to create beautifully intricate artworks.

Cosmic Journeys: Illustrations by Oska

Minimalist Street Photography by Jose Antoine Costa

Becorns: Adorable Little Creatures by David M Bird

Logo Design & Branding by Aaron Taylor-Waldman

Visual Poetry Publications by Proxima Vera

Abandoned: Fine Art Photography by Jan Stel

Vintage China: Illustrations by wang2mu

Graffiti Paintings by Maezo

Beauty Photography by Svetlana Dyadik

Editorial Design by Tim Bisschop

Editorial Illustrations by Cathal Duane

Dancing Fabrics: Fine Art Photos by Neal Grundy

Paintings by Mihael Milunovic

Sol Coffee Branding & Packaging by Lilia Quinaud

Mrs Claus: Animated Christmas Story by Moth

The Christmas Train: Beautiful Xmas Card by Teng Yu

Star Wars Lego Microfighters by David González

Miracles in Gardens: Photos by Viera Babecova

Watercolor Portraits by Magdalena Sikora

Minimalist Animal Sculptures by Lee Sangsoo

Illustrations & Artworks by Vidam Studio

Human Grade Type Project by Kobu

Digital Artworks by Marcin Struniawski

Street Art by Luca Goce

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