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Satirical Paintings by Toni Hamel

Toronto-based artist Toni Hamel describes her oil on canvas paintings as “an illustrated commentary on human frailties.”

Landscape Photography by Daniel Rericha

Awe-inspiring images captured by Czech photographer Daniel Rericha in his travels across Europe.

Bizarre Anatomy: Sculptures by Alessandro Boezio

Italian artist Alessandro Boezio combines limbs and appendages in unexpected ways to create bizarrely distorted human sculptures.

Paper Artworks by William Mirante

Beautiful creations by Belgium-based paper artist and motion designer William Mirante.

Illustrated Collages by Bernardo Henning

Argentinian artist Bernardo Henning digitally manipulates photographs to create colorful collages.

Digital Illustrations by Joker

Awesome creations by Chinese digital artist Dahao Hu, aka Joker. More digital artworks via Instagram

Abstract Architecture: Paintings by Wout Vromans

Rethink Everything: Editorial Promotion by Neenah Paper

Charlie the Cat: Collages by Lola Dupré

Lettering Creations by Rafael Serra

Vintage Bookstore Branding by Toro Pinto

Quirky Illustrations by Daniel Shaffer

Packaging Design by Ben Galbraith

Night Photography by Pierre Putman

Manga-Inspired Street Art by Studio Moonchild

Mercedes-Benz Vision Duet Concept by Lujie Huang

Mixed Media Paintings by Joe Murtagh

Paper Artworks by Cheryl Teo

Water Drops: Photos by António Pereira

Illustrations by Leandro Lassmar

Dessert Book: Art Direction & Illustrations by Miklós Kiss

Digital Creations by Santi Zoraidez

Beautiful Minds: Exhibition Graphics by Cheng Peng

Turbulence: Immersive Art Installation by Melt

Fantasy Illustrations by Gediminas Skyrius

Adidas Halftime Building by Cobe

Playful Chair Designs by Chris Wolston

Cross-Hatching Illustrations by Tatiana Trikoz

Mirrored Compositions by Andrea Koporova

More Urban Geometry Photos by Andrés Gallardo Albajar

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