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Gorgeous Wine Labels by Jordan Jelev

Jordan Jelev is a Bulgarian graphic designer specializing in wine labels and packaging design.

Dramatic Train Photos by Blair Bunting

Arizona-based photographer Blair Bunting powerfully captures awe-inspiring shots of one his favorite subjects – trains.

Reflect/Refract: Experimental Typography by Nick Matej

Amazing stylized alphabet by Cleveland-based freelance artist Nick Matej.

Delicate Illustrations by Terumi Arai

Japanese illustrator Terumi Arai creates gorgeous portraits with simple brush strokes and a minimal palette.

Mended Porcelain Artworks by Glen Martin Taylor

Artist Glen Taylor combines a variety of unexpected objects with broken pieces of porcelain to create unique artworks.

Handmade Paper Illustrations & Design by Katarzyna Zapart

Clever paper creations by Barcelona-based graphic designer Katarzyna Zapart.

Old-Timey Halloween Illustrations by Natalie Hyland

Lesso Home Branding by Meng Zhang

Intricate Label Designs & Lettering by Martin Schmetzer

Embossed Paper Illustrations by Samy Halim

Cool 3D Illustrations by Joren van Suijlekom

Car Photography by Webb Bland

Powerful Paintings by Khari Turner

Creative Photography & Art Direction by May Xiong

Beauty & Fashion Photography by Leah Perry

Illustrations by Miriam Martincic

Architecture-Inspired Artworks by Didier Faustino

LEO Coupe: The Electric Flying Car

Patterns: Art Installations by Daniel Buren

RGB Street Art & Murals by Aches

Earthrise: Sustainable Fashion Design by Iris van Herpen

Visit Iceland: Photos by Simon Migaj

Collected: Abstract 3D Artworks by Wes Cockx

Multicolored Art Installations by Liz West

Innercity: Architectural Photos by Epaillard+Machado

Skaträ Branding by Comence Studio

Shells: Oil Paintings by Dominika Hofman

Still: Photography & Art Direction by Cecilia Poupon

What the Hat: Photo Series by Anna Devís & Daniel Rueda

Editorial Illustrations by Adam Niklewicz

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