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Fantastic Black & White Artworks by Tim Marr

Tim Marr is an incredible ink artist based in Melbourne, Australia, who uses scratching and stippling techniques to produce intricate and beautiful pieces of art that explore themes surrounding consciousness, mental stamina, health, history and nature.

Chalk Lettering Murals by Cristina Pagnoncelli

Cristina Pagnoncelli is a Brazilian based designer, muralist and visual artist who has gained international recognition for her handcrafted lettering murals.

Experimental 3D Creations by Five Three Five Design

Tania Kalina is a New York City-based Graphic Designer specialising in 3D Design and Motion Graphics. She leads Five Three Five Design, a studio that creates captivating conceptual 3D pieces.

Chrome Alphabet: Creative Typography by Martin Naumann

German digital artist and designer Martin Naumann created this series of striking chrome letters as his contribution to last year’s edition of 36 Days of Type.

Fun Illustrations by Polina Alexeenko

Polina Alexeenko is an incredibly talented artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her artwork is fun and expressive, drawing inspiration from manga and comics to create colorful illustrations.

Symmetropolis: Architectural Photos by Boluddha

Barcelona-based photographer Boluddha captured this series of stunning architectural images while visiting the Technical Administration Building of Hoechst AG in Frankfurt, Germany.

White Wings House by M2 Architectural Group

Gorgeous Hand-Lettering Artworks by Alix Northrup

Beautiful Figurative Paintings by Allison Reimold

Mesmerizing Night Photos by Michal Skarbinski

Cool Art Toys by tOBEY Toy

Fluid Optical Sculptures by Bayne Peterson

Woven Restaurant Branding by Magpie Studio

Toy Narrative Paintings by Jonathan Queen

Fish Market: A High Contrast Multipurpose Space by Ab Rogers Design

Bold Graphics & Typography by Tina Touli

Stunning Beauty & Fashion Photography by Bater & Street

Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings by Robert Euwe

Awesome Pop Culture Artworks by Fiasco

Organic Ceramic Sculptures by Claire Lindner

Geometric 3D Compositions by Dan Zucco

Surreal Self-Portrait Paintings by Lix North

Fantasy Artworks by Nino Is

Light Painting Photography by Dariustwin

Metamorphosis: Outlandish Paintings by Kim Evans

Vintage Logos & Branding by Dusan Sol

Mind-Boggling Paintings by Rob Gonsalves

Milk Bun Restaurant by Rabih Geha Architects

Illustrations by Lesia Artymovych

Fantastic 3D Typography by Leonardoworx

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