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Fabric & Aluminum Mesh Art Installations by Jannick Deslauriers

Canadian artist Jannick Deslauriers creates intricate sculptures by sewing together a combination of different fabrics and aluminum mesh.

“Jannick Deslauriers’ textile sculptures are the ultimate contrast between form and function. Take her almost life-size tank made of delicate fabric – she draws attention the intrinsically violent use-value of an object by reducing it to a fragile and easily damaged sculpture. Her use of transparent fabric evokes a ghost-like presence and highlights the ephemeral nature of varying objects like a piano or an apartment building. Jannick is now rendering her sculptures into drawings by outlining the edges with dark thread, imitating the pencil outline of a sketch and arranging the pieces in 3D perspective to create the experience of walking through a drawing. ”

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Art Posted on August 2, 2018
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