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Waffle House Rebranding by Luminous

Waffle House is a beloved brand in Greece known for its freshly baked waffles and homemade ice cream. The iconic franchise has recently undergone an exciting rebranding project by Luminous Design Group.

You Are My Type Vol.1: Typographic Experiments by Mario Carpe

“You Are My Type Vol.1” is a personal project by Spanish graphic designer and illustrator Mario Carpe, in which he explores the intricacies of social and professional life through the lens of typography.

Striking Alcohol Packaging by Chad Michael Studio

We have featured Chad Michael Studio a couple of times here on the grid and their work never fails to impress us.

PenPad Review: A Handy Shortcut Panel for Procreate

In this review, we’ll take a look at PenPad, an intuitive accessory designed specifically for Procreate artists. This little device aims to enhance the Procreate experience by providing a variety of convenient shortcuts in a familiar keyboard-like interface.

Drawn: A Compendium of Visual Storytelling by Craig Frazier

Drawn is an incredible compilation of Craig Frazier’s work, tracing his illustrious career as an internationally recognized designer and illustrator.

Old-Timey Logo Designs by Nathan Yoder

Nathan Yoder is a Seattle-based illustrator and graphic designer who creates clever logo designs with a charming vintage flair.

Fantastic Typographic Artworks by Andrew Footit

The Best Black Friday Deals & Sales in 2023

Soro Branding & Packaging Design by Jiwon Chu

Truflé Vegan Chocolate Branding by Vogau Studio

Wonderful Lettering Creations by Cyla Costa

Boos Christmas Card by Luminous Design

The Age of Dinosaurs: Museum Graphics by Bart De Keyzer

Yearbook of Lettering #1 by Slanted

Set your work apart with Stills: 5 ways it can help you impress your clients

Innovation Unpacked: A Look at A’ Design Award Winners in Packaging Design

Expansive Murals & Street Art by Etto Ja

PenTips Ink + PenMat Review (Ink’n Paper Bundle): The Perfect Match

Ferryman: A New Blackletter Typeface by Felix Braden

Bold Graphics by Henry Flores

Huion Inspiroy Dial 2 Review: A Budget-Friendly Pen Tablet with Pro-Grade Features

Hype Studio Branding by Gabriel Fagundes

Branding & Graphic Design by TRÜF

A’ Design Award & Competition 23/24: Call for Submissions

Arts of Packaging Design: a Book by Bracom

Westerico Branding by Obrazur

PenTips iPad Easel Review: Creativity On The Go

Beaky: Cute Packaging Design by Nikita Gavrilov

23 Best Cursive & Script Fonts: Add a Dash of Elegance to Your Designs

7 A.M Coffee Packaging Design by Omsky Studio

1376 results found. Showing page 1 of 46.

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