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American Animals: Artworks & Movie Posters by W. Flemming

UK-based graphic artist, designer and illustrator W. Flemming created this series of incredible compositions and alternative movie posters inspired by ‘American Animals’, the first fictional feature film by British documentarian Bart Layton.

“As he reveals in the interview to the ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine, in the beginning the director intended to make it a documentary. However, as he proceeded with his investigation, his plans had changed. A story about four young men rebelling against something they cannot completely understand or explain, even to themselves, by committing a crime, became an almost unimaginable mixture of a heist movie, a psychological thriller and a slapstick comedy.

In this alternative take I wanted to portray the protagonists through a visual narrative of a thriller and comedy side of the story.”

— W. Flemming

More movie posters via Behance

Graphic Design Illustration Print Design Posted on July 5, 2019
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