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Powerful Surreal Artworks by Anthony Hurd

Texas-based artist and designer Anthony Hurd describes his work as “a selfish endeavor of exploring his own personal demons and understanding the ever changing landscapes of life. A way of expressing sometimes the inexpressible.”

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“Since the loss of his sister 10 years ago, and a series of unfortunate events including the end of an 18 year relationship following, life has been a seeming test of survival mentally, physically and spiritually. The motifs change over time but currently the works he’s pursuing focus on cyclical nature of life, the rise and fall, the destruction and rebirth, the dark and light. Fighting depression and anxiety with introspection and personal growth.

The work is a bit of a celebration of survival, and the depths of darkness that have revealed his own personal greatest truths. Namely that most everything he thought about himself is unfounded, untrue, that life is the unknown, that he is an emotional being, that his connection with the world is to be determined by his own actions and pursuit. Ever changing, always a work in progress, his work and process are fluid, and changes on a whim, without a plan from its creation, seeing where the roads lead, hoping for a peaceful and educational resolve.”

More art on the grid Visit his website

Art Illustration Posted on April 26, 2019
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