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Light dots: Photo Series by Lior Glaichman

“Light dots” is a series by Israeli photographer Lior Glaichman.

“In the photo series ‘Light Dots’, I deal with dark empty spaces. The only way for the viewer to escape is by looking at the light and traveling with it to an imaginary exit. These points and lines of light are firstly used as an optimistic notion. They lead the viewer by the eyes, and then by his thoughts and feelings.

In the journey there are questions that concern the viewer: Is it real? Is it fake? After all, the image looks organized and precise, symmetrical, and sometimes laboratory. My purpose is to challenge the viewer standing in front of the photograph. In my photographs, I hope to make the viewer feel as I had when I first saw those spaces for the first time.”

— Lior Glaichman

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Photography Posted on December 2, 2015
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