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Typographic Revolt by Ryan Atkinson

Great looking magazine designed by Ryan Atkinson for type foundry HypeForType.

“In an effort to bring our Exclusive Faces range to a larger audience, we approached graphic designer Ryan Atkinson to produce our first magazine release. The brief was to produce a 16 page A2 mailer with a twist. Instead of following the traditional convention of a read through booklet, Ryan designed a quick read through A2 magazine which also doubles up as a set of 4 Exclusive Faces posters. Each page folds out to create a double sided poster perfect for your studio or home wall space.

The magazine itself is printed litho on 90gsm wood free paper, giving everything a premium newspaper feel which absorbs the inks to create a beautiful desaturated look and feel.”

via typetoken Ryan Atkinson’s website

Graphic Design Print Design Typography Posted on February 24, 2012