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Reflex Raven Robotic Cameraman

Designed by Jaeyong Lee, Sangun Kim and Takbeom Heogh, the Reflex Raven is the world’s first wearable AI-powered robotic cameraman.

“Powered by Nvidia’s Tegra X1, Raven allows GoPro users to intelligently lock on and capture footage without having to touch their camera. Featuring a lightweight and responsive 3-axis motorized stabilization system, Raven is perfect for use in extreme environments where traditional camera control is not available. Whether you are an action sports junkie, or a parent looking to free up your hands, Raven opens the door to a new generation of video possibilities. Be free, and enjoy the moment, with Raven.”

More industrial design via Behance

Industrial Design Product Design Technology Posted on November 28, 2016