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New Pop Culture Paintings by Doug Bloodworth

Talented artist Doug Bloodworth recently released a new batch of his incredibly realistic pop culture-inspired paintings.

“The hyper-real depictions of the pop culture flotsam and jetsam of our lives is a major part of the artist’s appeal, according to David Muller, president and curator of Photorealism, a Boca Raton–based dealer in solely photorealistic art.

‘It’s a combination of, number one, the actual technical skill involved in the works,’ Muller says. ‘I’ve been in his studio and sat there for three hours watching him complete three square inches of a candy wrapper. Watching it appear from a white canvas is totally amazing. Then you have the addition of nostalgia. When one sees the actual works, it takes you back to another time.'”

More art on the grid via Photorealism

Art Posted on June 3, 2015
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