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Hand-Stitched Vogue Magazine Covers by Inge Jacobsen

Irish artist Inge Jacobsen creates amazingly detailed hand-stitched magazine covers.

“My practice is about intervening into found images through embroidery, cutting, and collaging. The images I use are mostly from women’s fashion magazines, pornographic images, and newspapers.

My main concern as an artist is how one responds to the mass of imagery in the world. I am particularly interested in exploring the different contexts in which photography can be used. I like to stray from the conventional perceptions of what photography can and can’t be. With the over saturation of images, my practice seeks to intervene in this overwhelming consumption from the mass produced and alter it to create something unique.”

– Inge Jacobsen

via Colossal Inge Jacobsen’s website

Art Illustration Posted on September 27, 2012